We are pleased to offer Boarding, Dog Day Care, and Dog Day Stay services not only for our clients but also for our community. Drop in anytime for a tour of our new kennel building that includes our daycare and grooming areas.

Boarding kennels are fear free kennels that include inside and outside areas along with high-quality Kuranda beds. Kennels come in different sizes for large to small dogs. Dogs are fed Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet EN (gastroenteric) in both canned and dry varieties but feel free to bring your own food as well.

Day Care takes place in our kennel building and includes 3-hour half day or 6-hour full day sessions. Schedule a FREE temperament test to see if your dog would be a good candidate for daycare. Drop off as early as 6 AM for daycare and pick up as late as 6 PM. Day Care dogs have access to toys, interactive play, beds for relaxing, and plenty of food and water.

Does your dog need some TLC during the day but does not socialize with other dogs? Bring your dog for our Day Stay program. Day Stay dogs have access to inside and outside kennel areas, walks in our play yard, and one-on-one time in the daycare area. Day Stay dogs have access to plenty of food and water as well as those lovely Kuranda beds.

Would you like your dog groomed while here? We can do that too!
Would you like your vaccines updated? Need other hospital services while boarding? We can do that, too!

Fill out the Agreement Form, Policy Form, Dog Profile Form, and Medication Form for a speedier appointment. Fax us your vaccine records to 302-834-1935. Please note: We require up-to-date Rabies, distemper, canine influenza, and Bordetella as well as a negative fecal within the past year.

Boarding 2019 Price List
Overnight Boarding: $28/night
Late Pick-up/Early Drop off fee: $14
Half day Day Care while boarding: $10
Full day Day Care while boarding: $20
One-on-one Playtime: $10/once a day; $18/twice a day, $26/3 times a day

Day Care 2019 Price List
Full Day Day Care: $30/day.
Half Day Day Care: $15/half day

Day Stay 2019 Price List
Day Stay kenneling: $28/day

Need more information? Give us a call at 302-834-PETS (7387).

Boarding, Daycare and Day Stay Paperwork: