Our professional grooming services are like a spa day for your pet! Our gentle grooming staff loves dogs, cats, and rabbits and are highly trained to provide you with breed specific cuts just the way you like. They have been trained to handle difficult pets, too, and work with our veterinary staff to alert you of any potential medical issues. You’ll be pleased to show off your pet when they are done!

To be groomed at Summit Bridge Vet Hospital, all pets must be up to date on their vaccines and vet visits. This protects your pet as well as other pets. The vaccines required are Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), Bordetella (also known as Kennel Cough), and Canine Influenza (flu). Additionally, dogs must have had a negative fecal examine within the past year. Do you visit our vet? No problem! We have your records and can review them with you. Do you visit another vet? No problem! Just fax us your vaccine records to 302-834-1935.

Did you know that grooming not only makes your pet look better but helps with your pet’s overall health?

Here are some benefits to regular grooming:

  • Promotes healthy skin and coat, reduces fur matting and lessens the dander in your home
  • Keeps your pet’s fur clean and smelling great
  • Promotes healthy anal glands, and prevents ear infections, and tooth decay
  • Keeping nails trimmed promotes correct posture, allows for running/walking, and reduces infections
  • Allows the groomer to check for and alert you to any potential medical issues
  • Plus, your pet will love the attention!

This price list is intended to be used as a guide. Please call us for a more exact grooming quote based on your pet’s breed and size. Grooming appointments are scheduled. Please call us at 302-834-7387 to schedule your groom.

Small dog bath, blow dry, brush (under 25 lbs.)$30
Groom example: Cairn Terrier Grooming Package: bath, blow dry, brush, cut, ears, nails$55
Medium dog bath, blow dry, brush (26 – 50 lbs.)$35
Groom example: Golden Doodle Grooming Package: bath, blow dry, cut, brush, nails, ears$85
Large dog bath, blow dry, brush (51-80 lbs.)$40
Groom example: Golden Retriever Grooming Package: bath, blow dry, cut, brush, nails, ears$80
X-Large dog bath, blow dry, brush (over 80 lbs.)$50
Groom example: Great Pyrenees Grooming Package: bath, blow dry, brush, cut, nails, ears$95
Puppy cut grooming$30
Nail grinding$15
Nail trim$12
Ear cleaning$12
Teeth brushing$12
Cat grooming with sedation$130
Cat grooming without sedation$80
Cat bath and brush$60
Cat nail caps and application$32
Rabbit de-matting$45