Grooming Price List

The price list below is intended to be used as a guide. Please call us for a more exact grooming quote based on your dog’s breed and size. We also do nail trimming and grinding, ear cleaning, anal glad expression, de-matting, teeth brushing and much more! Our grooming staff loves dogs, cats and rabbits and are highly trained to provide you with breed-specific cuts just the way you like. You’ll be pleased to show off your pet when they are done.
Grooming appointments are scheduled so please call us at 834-7387 to schedule your groom.


Small dog bath, blow dry, brush out$32
Medium dog bath, blow dry, brush out$37
Large dog bath, blow dry, brush out$42
Extra large dog bath, blow dry, and brush out$47
Small dog grooming package

(Ex: Yorkies, Shih Tsu, Bichon, etc…)

Medium dog grooming package

(Ex: Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle)

Large dog grooming package

(Ex: German Shepherd, Standard Poodle)

Cat nail caps$32
Cat groom with sedation$130