Emergency Referral in Bear, DE

Does your pet need immediate medical attention? We may be able to assist you and your pet if you call us during our regular business hours at (302) 834-7387. However, as we are not an emergency animal hospital, we may need to refer you to a facility in the area that is equipped for emergency and critical care.

Our Recommended After-Hours Emergency Hospital

For intensive emergency care and overnight hospitalization, we refer our patients to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Newark, a 24/7 emergency hospital.

When to Take Your Pet to an Emergency Vet

Sad Dog On Floor

Your pet should see an emergency vet right away if they are in the following situation/showing the following signs:

  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Hemorrhaging from a wound
  • Got hit by a car
  • Fell from a high place
  • Continuously vomiting/having diarrhea
  • Having seizures (stiffness, collapse, jerking movements, foaming at the mouth)
  • Unable to urinate or defecate
  • Has possible broken bones and/or internal injuries
  • Not eating or drinking for 24+ hours
  • Struggling to give birth
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Ate something poisonous
  • Got attacked by another animal