Providing Pet End-of-Life Care and Cremation Services in Bear, DE

pet euthanasia bear, de

Providing veterinary care to your pet for the full length of their life is a privilege for our team at Summit Bridge Veterinary Hospital. It is also an honor for us to be trusted with their end-of-life care, and to be there for your pet when it’s time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We strive to make euthanasia as comfortable and stress-free as possible for dogs, cats, and their loving owners. While it is never an easy topic of discussion, we are always here for you if you need to talk about your pet and any concerns you have about their quality of life.

If you have questions about pet euthanasia or need to schedule an appointment, please call or text us at (302) 834-7387.

Cremation and Aquamation Services

Summit Bridge Veterinary Hospital is able to provide on-site cremation and aquamation services. With cremation, we are able to offer communal cremation and private cremation. With private cremation, your pet’s remains are cremated individually so you can keep their ashes.

Aquamation is a more environmentally-friendly option for handling your pet’s remains. Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, it speeds up the natural decomposition process by immersing the body in a combination of water and a strong alkali in a pressurized space that is heated to about 300 degrees F. When the process is complete, the bones are then dried and converted into ashes. Aquamation takes a little longer than standard cremation, because the bones need time to dry.

As with regular cremation, you can choose to have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

Create a Memorial for Your Pet

Everyone has their own way of remembering a beloved pet that has passed on. We are happy to offer a space here on our website where you can share a photo and story about your companion. If you would like to create a lasting tribute, please take a moment to complete the form provided. All of your information is secure, so it will never be shared with a third party.