Payment Options

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At Summit Bridge Veterinary Hospital, we want to make quality veterinary care as accessible as possible to you and your pet. We offer payment options to make it easier for you to manage your pet’s routine care, and handle unexpected (or expected) high costs of treatment.

Call or text us at (302) 834-7387 if you have questions!

Pet Basic Care Plans

Our affordable Pet Basic Care Plans cover essential, routine services to help your pet stay healthy. Learn more about our Basic Care Plans here.

Use CareCredit to make affordable monthly payments on your pet’s veterinary bills. Click here for more information about CareCredit, and to apply for a card if you’re interested!

Scratchpay also offers monthly payment plans that suit different budgets, but instead of giving you a credit card, Scratchpay deducts your monthly payments directly from your bank account. Click here to learn more.